Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us

Advertising with MSOT is a cost effective & reliable way to reach occupational therapists in Manitoba!

There are over 700 occupational therapists registered to practise in Manitoba. In addition, 100 student occupational therapists at the University of Manitoba are special members of MSOT. Approximately 50 students prepare to enter practice every year.

Occupational therapy is about helping people identify, and use their strengths and resources, to overcome obstacles that prevent them from doing the tasks and activities that give purpose to their lives. Occupational therapists are committed to health and wellness and touch the lives of people in several sectors of the Manitoba community.  We deliver education and treatment interventions in hospitals, personal care homes, private homes, school divisions, day programs, mental health organizations, and homeless shelters throughout the province.

Whatever the age group or service setting (hospital, private homes) of persons in your target market, occupational therapists are delivering services to them.

If your product or service is aimed at occupational therapists themselves, MSOT provides the only exclusive access in the province to this group of health professionals.


MSOT Advertising Prices (Effective July 2014):

One time advertising:

  1. Email Blast to all MSOT members: $100 (1x only, within 5 working days of advertisement being placed)
  2. Newsletter: full page: $200, half: $100, small business card size ad: $25
  3. Web Post (members only area of the website): Starting at $100, please contact our office for a quote.
  4. OT Celebration Night Programme (annually in May): full page: $300, half page: $150



  1. Email Blast Pkg: $250 (pkg. of 3 within 6 month period, same ad fixed schedule choice of:  1x every other month ,  1x week for 3 weeks or  1x month for 3 months)
  2. Email Blast plus Web Post: $100 minimum, $250 average, please contact our office for a quote.
  3. Email, plus web, plus full page Newsletter: $350 minimum, please contact our office for a quote.


Contact us at or call 204-957-1214 to discuss your advertising needs.