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Advocacy is a process where a person or group of persons attempts to raise awareness, influence thinking and decision-making related to a specific cause in a planned and deliberate effort. It is a process which occurs over time, in which support and understanding are built using a variety of approaches.

MSOT is an advocacy resource for all members. The primary purpose of MSOT’s advocacy efforts is to promote the perspectives and positions of the occupational therapy profession in Manitoba. We believe that successful advocacy is supported by participation of all members within our association. An important strategy to promote OT is to ensure that it is known and its issues are understood by policy makers at every level of decision-making.

Once a strong working relationship is established, when issues arise concerning health care or affecting occupational therapy, these established relationships will facilitate opportunities for input. We feel our members can have a significant impact on decision-making by building these relationships within their communities.

Advocacy Resources

The following resources (more coming!) have been created to support MSOT member participation in the advocacy of Occupational Therapy.

Advocating for Extended Health Benefits

As occupational therapy becomes better known and valued by health care consumers, many Manitobans are disappointed to find that that their extended health insurance plans provide limited coverage for occupational therapy services.

YOU can take action to encourage coverage for OT services: Write to your insurance company, your employer, your HR department or your union (i.e. work who are in charge of arranging and/or negotiating the extended health benefit packages) to ask them to include access to occupational therapists as part of their benefit plan and/or flex plan offerings.

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) developed four letters which are intended as templates and may be changed to for your specific needs and requirements.  Use this link to access the letter templates for your use.

MSOT would like to hear about your efforts and successes regarding coverage for occupational therapy services through private health insurance. Please contact us at to let us know.

MSOT Advocacy Toolkit

The Advocacy Toolkit was developed to assist you to build relationships and connect with important audiences that can be influential in decision-making about our issues.  This toolkit was intended to make the call, letter or visit to your Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) an easy step to take. The contents of the toolkit will be useful to facilitate connecting with any influential decision-maker, such as hospital administrators, program directors, local health advocacy organizations, or your City Councillors, etc.  The toolkit is available in the Member Portal for MSOT members (just login for access).

ziManitoba Society of Occupational Therapy representatives actively support a wide variety of advocacy efforts with connections to occupational therapy.

Organizations MSOT connects with include:

If you have ideas for advocacy that MSOT could be involved with please contact us at