Find an Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy is covered by Manitoba Health Insurance when it is provided through the hospital system, or through other government-funded health agencies. You may also have occupational therapy coverage through your health insurance at work. If you are not covered by any health insurance, you can still hire an occupational therapist on a fee-for-service basis (though as with most private business, the cost varies according to the service and provider).

To find an OT, consult one of the private practice directories below. 

Comprehensive directory of occupational therapists in private practice: 

Complete Private Practice Directory (pdf)

The following specific directories are according to the type of service provided:

Private Practice Directory - OT Services for Adults (pdf)

Private Practice Directory - OT Services for Children (pdf)

Private Practice Directory - Return to Work & Ergonomic Services (pdf)

Click here for information about occupational therapy and health insurance plans.