Benefits of Membership


It’s an exciting time to be a member of MSOT!

Not only are there many new initiatives underway, but MSOT is also a great way to stay connected to the occupational therapy community. The benefits of MSOT membership are increasing, and we welcome all occupational therapists to join this dynamic organization.

Benefits of Membership:

Additionally there is exclusive access to specialized resources for OTs in private practice.

Most important of all, as a member of MSOT, you have the opportunity to add your unique knowledge, experience and perspectives to those of others who share your desire to enable ability for all individuals.

Your membership in MSOT makes our profession stronger. We thank those who have continued their membership with MSOT over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions re: Renewal 2021

  1. What is the fee for 2021-2022 MSOT membership?
    • Full membership $110
      • Only $9/month
    • Affiliate & Associate Membership – $41.25
    • New Grad – $55
      • $4.50/month
    • Out of Province – $49.50
      • Student – FREE
  2. Who voted for the fee increase?
    • The MSOT Board of Directors proposed a 10% fee increase and MSOT membership voted in favour at the virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 5, 2020
  3. Why a 10% increase?
    • If we account for 2% cost of living increase over 9 years, that would be 18%; however due to the financial challenges over the past year due to COVID the Board of Directors decided a 10% increase would support MSOT’s financial needs and also not add an onerous burden to members.
  4. Why did the fees increase?
    • There has not been a membership fee increase since 2012 (9 years)
    • Fee increase will increase MSOT’s financial stability with the additional goals of increasing Executive Officer hours, and involvement in a nation-wide public promotion campaign.
  5. When were the past fee increases?
    • In 2009, fees were $75
    • No fee increase in 9 years to support inflation and rising costs. As a result MSOT has dipped into savings to meet budget over past 5 years.
  6. Why did MSOT wait so long to increase fees?
    • With the significant fees for COTM registration over the past years, MSOT has been cognizant of financial strain on OTs in Manitoba. Since COTM was able to decrease their fees by $100 this year, MSOT is hopeful OTs will support the growth of our organization so we can continue to support OTs around the province.