MSOT Position Paper Response Log

(Filed in Green Binder - Government Affairs and at MSOT Office)

Dec 98 - RESPONSE to the Manitoba Law Reform Commission: Discussion Paper on Informal Assessment of Competence

Apr 98 - Submission to Manitoba Special Education Review

Oct 96 - Response to Discussion Paper on Potential Amendments to the Mental Health Act

Nov 95 - Primary Health Care: Exemplars of Practice

Feb 95 - PRACTICE PAPER: Occupational Therapy and Primary Health Care

May 95 - POSITION PAPER: Occupational Therapy and Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Jan 94 - RESPONSE to the Nurse Managed Care Interim Report

Feb 94 - POSITION STATEMENT: On Organizational Models for Occupational Therapy Service Delivery

Feb 93 - RESPONSE to Quality Health for Manitobans: The Action Plan.

Jul 93 -  RESPONSE to the Primary Health Care Task Force Interim Report (joint AOTM/MSOT)

Mar 93 - RESPONSE to Role and Use of Support Personnel in the Rehabilitation Disciplines

Feb 93 - RESPONSE to Human Resource Considerations in Manitoba's Mental Health System: A Discussion Paper

Nov 92 - PRESENTATION to the University Education Review Commission

Dec 91 - RESPONSE to the Health Services for the Elderly Task Force: Interim Report on Services for the Cognitively Impaired

Mar 91 - POSITION STATEMENT: Recruitment and Retention of Occupational Therapists

May 91 - PRESENTATION to the Manitoba Head Injury Association Provincial Public Hearings: Dialogue on Traumatic Brain Injury for Manitoba Residents

Jun 91 - POSITION PAPER on Mental Health

Jan 90 - RESPONSE to the McDiarmid Report

Nov 90 - The AOTM/MSOT Response to the Discussion Paper on the Roles and Functions of The Vocational Rehabilitation Program at The Workers Compensation Board

Nov 89 - PRESENTATION to the Government of Manitoba on the Provision of Augmentative Communication Technology in Manitoba

Apr 89 - POSITION PAPER: Manpower Issues

Jun 87 - RESPONSE to Bill 59 - An Act to Amend the Mental Health Act