Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions asked about membership and other aspects of the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists.


Q: How can I qualify for reduced rates for continuing education courses?

A: MSOT offers continuing education courses to assist occupational therapists improve their professional skills. Though courses presented in conjunction with MSOT are open to any practicing occupational therapists in the province, anyone seeking to take the course at a reduced rate must be a member of MSOT.


Q: How many occupational therapists are in Canada and Manitoba?

A: There are approximately 13,000 occupational therapists registered in Canada; about 700 occupational therapists are in Manitoba.


Q: Why are there no fees for students?

A: We offer students free membership during their OT academic program to encourage their professional development and in the hopes that, having seen the value MSOT offers, they will become full members upon their graduation. Because student membership are complimentary, students will not enjoy the same degree of access or direct involvement as active members.


Q: Who is allowed to contribute to the MSOT Update member newsletter?

A: While anyone can submit a story or article, the Newsletter Committee gives preference to those written by MSOT members and reserves the right to edit submissions as necessary. There may be exceptions based on the subject involved and its relevance to the profession as it pertains specifically to Manitoba.