Occupational Therapy Research

Occupational Therapy Research

The Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists is committed to support occupational therapy research and will promote MSOT member participation in electronic research surveys that support the development of knowledge about occupational therapy practice and/or occupational therapists and *NEW* research findings! 

Here’s a few below… and keep scrolling down the page for YOUR opportunity to get involved with a few short surveys and support the future of OT Research!


Get involved with Occupational Therapy Research

Below are opportunities for Occupational Therapists and/or their clients to be involved in research opportunities, and some findings from recent OT research.  Interested in advertising your research opportunity with MSOT?  Find the fees for advertising your research opportunity HERE, and email the MSOT office with your information (msot@msot.mb.ca).

Please note: Posting and circulation of surveys below does not imply MSOT endorsement of the research methodology, findings, conclusions, or recommendations.

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There have currently been NO research opportunities shared with MSOT.  

Recent Occupational Therapy Research:

June 2022

Student Occupational Therapists, Tessa Bruce, Sydney Meyer and Gabrielle Bacon have completed a study, Racism in Healthcare Clinical Education: An Educators Perspective, as part of our course requirement in the occupational therapy program at the University of Manitoba. 

As part of their knowledge translation, they are sharing a document where they have outlined their study, as well as some recommendations for promoting an anti-racist approach to fieldwork education. Click HERE to learn more!

From 2021…